3 Signs You’re Ready for a Hair Transplant

When it comes to hair loss solutions, one size definitely does not fit all. Depending on several factors unique to each patient, including the underlying causes, nature, and progression of hair loss, your hair restoration doctor may recommend one of several different treatment options, including hair transplant surgery. But your physician won’t suggest a transplant as the best solution for you unless he or she believes that you are ready to undergo the procedure and have the characteristics that make you a good candidate for the surgery.

If you are considering taking action to address your hair loss issues and concerns, here are three signs that you may be ready for hair transplant surgery:  

  1. You’re old enough. Many people start to experience hair loss at a young age; even children and teenagers can see the early signs of permanent hair loss. But while young people are still growing and maturing, the full extent and pattern of their hair loss may not be discernable. For hair loss surgery to deliver optimal results, the physician must be able to identify the individual patient’s unique hair loss pattern, so that he or she may transplant hair to the balding and thinning areas in a way that leaves behind a natural-looking hairline. That is why we only recommend a transplant as a potential treatment for individuals 18 and older, though we may suggest waiting even longer in some cases.
  2. You have enough donor hair. You can’t have hair transplant surgery unless you have hair to transplant. Unlike organ transplants, hair transplants involve the use of your own hair. We take hair follicles from areas on the back or sides of your head and transplant them to the treatment area, where they will continue to grow. Both male and female hair replacement candidates need robust hair growth in the donor area at the back of the head for transplant surgery to be a viable treatment for hair loss.
  3. Your hair loss is permanent. Not all hair loss is forever. Sometimes, excessive hair shedding is a seasonal or temporary issue caused by factors such as stress, hormonal changes, and other environmental or biological factors. If your doctor’s assessment is that your hair loss fits this category and that healthy hair growth is likely to resume, a transplant is not an appropriate choice for addressing the issue. Hair transplant surgery is reserved for those suffering from permanent hair loss, such as male pattern baldness.

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You will only truly know whether you are ready for a hair transplant after consulting with a hair restoration surgeon. At the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, we evaluate each hair loss patient with a comprehensive and proven methodology to determine the cause of hair loss and choose the most effective treatment option. 

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