5 Common Myths About Hair Transplants

If you search for the answer to “What is 2 + 2?” on the internet, you’ll probably find at least one source claiming that the answer is “5.” Similarly, when it comes to hair transplants, there is no lack of misinformation and myths about what is involved, what to expect, and what you’ll see after your procedure.

Much of what you may have heard about hair transplant surgery is either incorrect or outdated, based on techniques and technology that we no longer use in our hair restoration efforts. Hair transplants have come a long way over the past few decades, so let’s clear the air about what is and isn’t true about transplants in 2020:

Myth #1: You should wait until you’re bald before having a transplant.

Reality: If you wait until you are bald before having hair transplant surgery, you will have likely waited too long. For a hair transplant to work, you need to have donor hair, usually from the back or sides of your head. If you don’t have a sufficient number of follicles available for extraction and transplantation to thinning areas, the greatest surgeon in the world won’t be able to provide the fullness and coverage you want from your procedure. 

Myth #2: This is going to hurt.

Reality: Make no mistake; hair transplant surgery is, in fact, surgery. But once you settle into our surgery suite, which we designed to be welcoming and relaxed rather than cold and sterile, you’ll soon realize that the procedure will involve minimal, if any, pain and discomfort. A technician will massage your scalp before administering local anesthesia. We will also give you a mild sedative at the start of the session to minimize any anxiety you may be feeling.

During the procedure, you can either rest, listen to music, or watch movies or TV on your phone, tablet, or other device.  

Myth #3: You’ll see immediate results.

Reality: After your procedure, you’ll certainly see where we have transplanted new follicles, but you won’t necessarily see the full head of hair of your dreams – at first.

It is normal for the transplanted hairs to “fall out” in the first few weeks. The hairs then recycle and begin growing in about three to four months. The final results are often not visible for six months or somewhat longer, with final results evident at 12 months.

Myth #4: It will be obvious you had a hair transplant.

Reality: Older hair transplant techniques – “hair plugs” – could appear so unsightly and transparent that the cover-up was worse than the original condition. Fortunately, hair plugs are no more.

The techniques we use leave virtually no indication that a patient has had a hair transplant and give our patients full, robust, and youthful-looking hair. In fact, a study International Society of Hair Restoration survey found that 85 percent of Americans could not identify a hair transplant patient who had their hair restored using these new techniques.

Myth #5: The results are only temporary.

Reality: Hair transplant surgery is a permanent hair loss solution. Your transplanted hairs will act and grow in the same way they did in the donor area, meaning they should stay put for decades to come.

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