Can a Hair Transplant Be Reversed?

At the Miami Hair & Skin Institute, our exceptional hair restoration surgeons have helped thousands of men and women reverse the toll that time, genetics, and other factors have taken on their once-full heads of hair. We perform hair transplants using the utmost skill, care, and precision, as well as the most advanced technology, to produce the results that leave our patients extremely satisfied with the outcome of the procedure. The vast majority of our hair transplant surgery patients are undergoing a transplant for the first time, and it is our goal to make it the last time as well.

Sometimes, however, we meet with patients who have already had a hair transplant that fell far below their expectations. This is usually because the surgeon they initially visited lacked the qualifications or talent to do the job correctly.  The patient is then left with results that look obvious and unattractive. Given the opportunity, many of these patients would prefer that their hair (or lack thereof) appear as it did before the disappointing transplant or that the initial results be improved.  That is where hair transplant reversal or repair comes in.

Why Do Patients Want a Hair Transplant Reversed or Repaired?

Reasons why patients may seek a hair transplant reversal or repair include:

  • Large or poorly transplanted grafts to the frontal hairline that appear like “hair plugs” or “doll hair”
  • A frontal hairline the surgeon placed too far forward
  • The surgeon put transplanted hair in the wrong direction
  • Prominent scarring in the donor and extraction areas of the scalp

If the issue is unnatural looking “doll hair,” this can often be repaired by removing the hair, dissecting them into smaller grafts, and then re-transplanting them into the scalp. Our surgeons may also perform a new follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure to obtain additional donor hairs they can transplant to the recipient area to further increase the full and natural appearance of the transplant. We can also use FUE to transplant hair to areas where scarring has occurred to camouflage those scars.

Hair Transplant Reversal v. Repair

If the goal of hair transplant repair is to make the hair and scalp appear as it should have if the initial surgery was performed correctly, the objective of a hair transplant reversal is to make things look like the person never had hair transplant surgery in the first place. This can involve the same techniques described above to replace hair from the donor area or to camouflage scarring.

While hair transplant repair and reversal procedures can undoubtedly improve the results of a prior, poorly performed procedure, these efforts may not achieve the goals you had for your initial surgery. That is why it is so critical to get it right the first time. Whether you are seeing us for your first hair transplant procedure or to improve on a previous one, our goal is always the same: to provide you with an exceptional patient experience and results which leave you beyond satisfied.

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