Can I Work Out After a Hair Transplant?

As we often remind our patients, hair transplant surgery is, in fact, surgery. As with most surgical procedures, hair transplants involve some recovery time, and that recovery time involves limitations on what you can and should do in the days and weeks after your surgery. Many individuals who want to improve their appearance and self-confidence through hair restoration also strive for the same goals through vigorous exercise regimens. As such, one of the first things they want to know after surgery is when they can start working out again.

In the long term, staying healthy through exercise and a proper diet can also help your transplanted hair stay healthy as well. But in the short-term, refraining from working out or other strenuous activity for a brief period is the best thing you can do. While you should always follow your hair transplant surgeon’s specific post-operative instructions, here are some general guidelines as to when you can resume your exercise routine after your transplant:

  • You should avoid all physical activity, much less exercise, on the day after your surgery. Your body and your hair need time to heal, and exertion so soon after your procedure divert your body’s resources from this critical task.
  • For the remainder of that first week after your transplant, you can resume some light activities, but you should still refrain from working our or other strenuous activity. Walking is fine; going for a run, not so much.  
  • The scalp typically takes between ten days and two weeks to heal enough to allow for a return to most of your usual activities, including most types of exercise or workouts. However, you should still hold off on weight lifting, cross-fit training, and other serious workout regimens for another week.
  • After about a month, most patients can return to their pre-transplant routines without limitation.

Of course, if you have concerns or experience anything unusual as you resume your workouts, err on the side of caution by putting a hold on your exercise and contacting your hair transplant surgeon for guidance. If you take it easy and slow in the early days after your surgery, you’ll be able to spend the rest of your days keeping yourself fit and enjoying your full head of hair.

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