Does Chili Oil Make Hair Grow?

Is it time to turn up the heat on your hair? Some beauty bloggers and others have suggested that the answer is yes. These folks have promoted the idea that applying chili oil to your hair and scalp will encourage hair growth. But the reality is that doing so is not such a hot idea, and there is no scientific evidence to support the practice.

Relying on a “remedy” passed down from her grandmother, one such blogger reported that rubbing a mixture of red chili powder and coconut oil onto her scalp at least three times a week led to the growth of new hairs to see improvement.

While that blogger may have seen hair growth, it is doubtful it was from grandma’s magic chili mixture. There is simply no proof that it will work. In fact, it could cause more harm than good. Applying chili oil to your scalp could cause that cause irritation, burning and swelling, all of which could actually damage follicles and lead to some hair shedding. If you get the chili solution into your eyes, be prepared for even more pain.

While applying chili oil topically may not promote hair growth, there is a grain of truth to the idea that chili oil or chili peppers may support hair health and thus limit hair loss.

Chiles contain several vitamins and nutrients that can help prevent hair loss, such as potassium, iron, and vitamins B1 and B6. Additionally, the active ingredient in chiles is a substance called capsaicin. With its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities, capsaicin can increase blood flow to the scalp and ensure that sufficient amounts of oxygen and nutrients make their way to your follicles.

If you want to incorporate chili peppers or chili oil into your diet with the goal of keeping your hair and scalp healthy, by all means do so. But keep the heat in your mouth, not on your head.

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