Does Hair-Transplant Surgery Affect Your Image?

Hair-Transplant SurgeryAn article recently published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery indicates that hair-transplant surgery has a significant impact people’s first impression of you. The study was performed to answer a burning question – does hair transplant have an affect on perceptions of youth, good looks, or success?

To study this, the researchers performed a web-based survey using before and after photos of hair transplant patients. People were asked to compare the images and rate their age, attractiveness, successfulness, and approachability.

Overwhelmingly, men were perceived as younger and better looking by observers after their hair transplant. Moreover, they were also considered more successful-looking.

These perceptions may seem shallow and like merely surface-level observations, but first impressions can make a big difference in how people see you in the long run. In addition to improving your looks and approachability, these little differences can go a long way toward building your self-confidence. The way you carry yourself can be the difference between being forgettable and being impressive.

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