Does Temporary Hair Dye Cause Hair Loss?

temporary hair dyeKarina Wyatt recently came forward to share a disturbing experience her 3-year-old daughter encountered after using temporary hair dye from an aerosol can. Wyatt used a wash-out red-colored hair spray by the brand Fright Night to decorate her daughter’s locks for a hockey game. While the color washed out easily that night, Wyatt told Yahoo News something unexpected occurred when she reapplied the temporary hair dye the following day: a clump of her daughter’s hair fell out.

Although Wyatt followed the directions and avoided spraying directly on the scalp, the Wichita, Kan.-based mother took photographs to document her daughter’s shocking experience. So, what happened?

Temporary Hair Dye Do’s and Don’ts

While mass market hair products are required to undergo safety regulations prior to release, some individuals are more susceptible to adverse reactions. In Wyatt’s case, her young daughter’s strands and skin were likely too soft and delicate to handle a harsh topical product. Her daughter may also have an undiagnosed allergy. Because hair dyes (even temporary versions) contain chemicals, hair color is best reserved for adult use only. Even then, limiting your use is key to maintaining hair health and strength.

Wyatt noted that she brushed her daughter’s hair after applying temporary hair dye. Hair products cause strands to clump together, becoming stiff and prone to breakage. When you attempt to comb through inflexible strands without rinsing or washing the product out first, hairs can snap at the base or farther down the shaft. Always brush your hair before using gels, anti-frizz products or control sprays to avoid damaging strands. In addition, brushing hair with the product in place transfers the dye chemicals from the strands to the scalp, irritating the skin.

Finally, temporary hair can be safe when used minimally. Wyatt’s daughter’s hair loss occurred following the second application – less than 24-hours after the first. Using the temporary hair dye two days in a row possibly weakened the strands immensely. When hair is exposed to damage, it needs time, nutrients, moisture and conditioning to repair itself. Temporary hair dyes should not be used often or as part of your regular beauty routine.

Temporary hair dyes can be fun. But, as with all chemical-containing products, hair color requires extreme care for proper use. Reserve temporary hair dyes for Halloween or special events so you aren’t left with loss, breakage or scalp irritation. Fortunately, hair loss due to cosmetics typically resolves itself.

If thinning or shedding persists for more than a few months, you may have an underlying genetic or autoimmune condition that requires medical intervention and hair loss treatment. Contact the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami at 305-925-0222 to schedule a comprehensive hair loss consultation.