Does Washing Your Hair Everyday Cause Hair Loss?

Maybe a friend told you. Perhaps you read something on the internet about it. No matter what you may have heard about shampooing and hair loss, the truth is this: washing your hair every day – with the right shampoo will not cause you to lose your hair. In fact, keeping your hair clean and removing product, oil, pollutants, and other buildup can actually improve your hair and scalp health.

Like our faces, our scalps produce oil, also called sebum. In the right quantity, sebum can keep our skin moisturized and give our hair a healthy shine and soft texture. But too much sebum can make the scalp a breeding ground for the malassezia furfur yeast that is a primary cause of dandruff.

Similarly, the mousse, gels, hairspray, and even dry shampoo we use in our styling routines can buildup on the scalp, just like makeup can accumulate on the face if not adequately cleaned. This layer of residue can clog hair follicles, which can ultimately lead to hair thing and loss. Those who only shampoo once a week or so are particularly susceptible to this problem.

Washing your hair frequently can improve your hair health by clearing away all of that debris and giving your follicles room to grow and thrive. We all lose an average of 80-100 hairs a day as part of the natural hair growth cycle. The hairs we shed get replaced by new follicles. Regular shampooing helps get these falling follicles out of the way to make way for the new ones.

One reason folks may have a mistaken impression about shampooing every day is that they worry that doing so will dry their hair out, making the follicles more prone to damage and breakage. This is not caused by shampoo, per se, but by shampoos that contain too many harsh cleansers or chemicals. Of course, a shampoo that doesn’t provide enough cleaning agents won’t do you much good either. Most everyday shampoos do an excellent job of threading the needle between the two extremes, with mild cleansers that take care of business without leaving your hair dry or damaged.

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