Free Hair Loss Treatment For All? South Korean Presidential Candidate Tackles Baldness

Imagine it’s 2024, deep into the next campaign for President of the United States. The candidates present their opposing visions for the country’s future and different solutions to the nation’s problems. But among the standard debates about the economy, foreign policy, immigration, voting rights, and all of the other usual issues, one of the candidates decides to make another societal problem the centerpiece of his campaign: fighting baldness.

That is exactly what is currently happening in South Korea. As recently reported by CNN, Lee Jae-Myung, the South Korean Democratic Party presidential candidate, has made free hair restoration treatment a major campaign issue. Specifically, Lee has proposed allowing the country’s public healthcare insurance to cover hair loss treatment.

When making his pledge, Lee pointed out that almost 10 million people suffer from hair loss, but many of them order medicines from other countries or resort to prostate drugs as an alternative due to high treatment costs. He said that hair loss coverage is necessary from the aspect of “body completeness.”  His campaign is studying its potential financial impact on the nation’s healthcare system.

In the United States, the issue of insurance coverage for hair restoration treatments hasn’t quite made it to the presidential level, or any other significant level for that matter. Except where hair loss is related to an underlying medical condition, most U.S. health insurance providers won’t cover hair transplant surgery or other treatments. But you should always check with your insurance company before presuming that your hair loss treatment isn’t covered in whole or in part.

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