Game-Changing MOSAIC® Hair Restoration at Miami Hair Institute

Revolutionary advancements in hair restoration don’t happen every day, but when they do, they can change the lives of thousands of patients looking to resolve their hair loss issues. Blockbuster developments in hair restoration technology or technique also attract the attention of hair transplant surgeons around the globe.

That is exactly what happened when Dr. Bernard Nusbaum and Dr. Paul Rose developed and introduced a new hair transplant method called Mosaic® Hair Restoration. So impactful was their innovation that the International Society of Hair Restoration (ISHRS) awarded Dr. Nusbuam its prestigious Golden Follicle Award for his “significant clinical contributions related to the field of hair restoration surgery.” Dr. Rose received the same award one year earlier, making the Miami Hair Institute the only clinic in the world to have two Golden Follicle Award winners.

What Makes MOSAIC So Revolutionary?

What makes MOSAIC different and leads to better, natural-looking results is that it is designed to mimic each patient’s unique hair growth patterns.

Standard methods such as FUE and FUT generally tend to transplant hair taken from the donor area in pre-designated shapes which each comprise 2-3 follicular units. Drs Nusbaum and Rose observed that follicular units naturally occur in an arrangement consisting of percentages of one, two, and three-hair follicular units in different mixed configurations with unique inter-follicular distances. Therefore, they concluded, harvesting donor hair in individually specified patterns tailored to each client’s specific hair pattern would be more effective.

How Does MOSAIC Work?

The Mosaic procedure consists of designing the recipient area in an individualized manner, mimicking each patient’s unique follicular unit arrangement pattern. This approach ensures a personalized follicular pattern, so each patient receives the most natural hairline outcome.

Before the procedure, we obtain several magnified images of the patient’s scalp in areas unaffected by the balding process. We analyze the images to tabulate the percentages of one, two, and three-hair follicular units and determine their topographical arrangement unique for that patient. We then use this data to create a personalized design for implanting the balding or thinning recipient area.

In our experience, this approach achieves the most natural, undetectable hair transplantation results. The Miami Hair Institute remains the only clinic in the world that offers this patented and proven concept to hair transplant patients.

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