Hair Loss Centers

Hair loss centers are special clinics where men and women can get an accurate hair loss diagnosis and treatment recommendation. The search for a hair loss treatment center can be a challenge, however.

Hair loss affects millions of men and women worldwide, creating a vast marketplace of consumers that demand a safe solution to a very real problem. But as Spencer Kobren of The Bald Truth radio show reminds us, the Web can be a tricky place to find reliable information. For example, hair loss forums have been known to cause confusion among hair loss sufferers in the United Kingdom. Countless similar examples crop up all over the world, with misinformation being published, syndicated, and digested by the end-reader without enough knowledge of its source or validity.

If you are searching for a local hair loss center, follow these tips to make sure you find a legitimate establishment with safe technologies and a running list of happy patients.

1. Ask about hair loss treatment options. You cannot be certain what type of hair loss treatment will deliver the results you want until a licensed professional conducts a hair loss consultation. Afterward, he or she may recommend either surgical or non-surgical hair restoration options. Think ahead by calling the clinic to ask about the types of treatments offered. To give yourself the best options, find a clinic that offers surgical hair transplant (strip, FUE, and robotic), hair loss medications like Propecia, and low level laser therapy (LLLT) devices.

2. Research the clinical team. Most hair loss clinics offer surgical hair restoration. To make sure you are comfortable with the hair transplant surgeons at the clinic, search for them online to learn more about their experience and expertise.,, and the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery are all good places to reference.

3. Research the hair loss center. During hair loss treatment, patients will spend a lot of time interacting with the clinic’s administrative team, nurses, and staff. To make sure you have a good experience, be sure to research the center’s reviews and patient testimonials. For the most unbiased overview of the center’s level of quality, look on both their website as well as other 3rd party business websites.

Miami Hair Loss Center

As a hair loss treatment center, the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami specializes in delivering accurate diagnoses and advanced treatment options for hair loss. Readers are invited to learn more about our surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatment options below.

Hair Loss Treatments

From thinning to shedding and balding, hair loss takes many forms that can have an equally negative impact on personal, social, and professional life. However, men and women have a variety of options for hair loss treatment today. These hair loss treatment types are generally classified into 1 of 2 categories: surgical, and non-surgical.

Surgical hair loss treatments are those that involve carefully selecting, removing, and transplanting health “donor hair” from one area of the patient’s scalp to another. The most traditional method is known as hair transplant surgery, which can be further classified as either “strip donor” procedure or a “follicular unit transplant” procedure.

Non-surgical hair loss treatment is less invasive and does not involve physically moving hair from one area to another. Examples of non-surgical hair loss treatment include the use of Rogaine or Propecia, two “hair loss drugs” that are designed to stop loss of hair. Another option is low level laser therapy (LLLT). This treatment option gained very positive media attention earlier this year when the first ever round of clinical evidence was published supporting the effectiveness of LLLT in stimulating new hair growth.

When searching for a hair loss center, it’s important to keep the above treatment options in mind. Some hair loss centers may specialize in surgical treatment only, while others may offer only limited types of non-surgical options. Find a center that has a variety of hair loss treatment options along with positive patient reviews, and schedule a consultation with confidence knowing that you’ve kept your options wide open.

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Do you suffer with hair loss? If so, you are not alone. Millions of men and women suffer with hair loss worldwide, and many choose to proactively treat their hair loss early. Our Institute is a leading hair loss center in Miami, and we invite readers to browse our before and after hair transplant photo gallery to see our work firsthand.

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