Hair Transplant Repairs vs. Reversals: What’s the Difference?

Most of the hair transplant patients we see at the Miami Hair Institute are undergoing the procedure for the first time. Our goal is to make it their last time as well, leaving them with full, natural-looking hair and exceeding their expectations as to what hair transplant surgery can accomplish. Unfortunately, however, many patients come to us after undergoing a transplant somewhere else that fell far short of their expectations, leaving them with a sloppy and obvious hair transplant or with visible and unsightly scars. These patients desperately look to us to fix things, and we endeavor to do so in one of two ways: hair transplant repair and hair transplant reversal.

Hair Transplant Repair

Hair transplant repair involves working with a previously but poorly performed transplant to get the patient results close to what they originally expected. It can also include work to conceal either the obviousness of their transplant or scars from their earlier procedure.

Problems with earlier surgery that often lead people to undergo a hair transplant repair include:

  • Large or poorly transplanted hair grafts to the frontal hairline that look like “hair plugs” or “doll hair”
  • A frontal hairline placed too far forward
  • Transplanted hair set in the incorrect direction
  • Scarring in the donor areas of the scalp

If the problem is with unnatural looking “hair plugs,” we can often remove them, dissect them into smaller grafts, and then re-transplant the hairs into the scalp. We may also recommend undergoing a new follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure so we can obtain additional donor hairs that we can transplant to the recipient area. This can further increase the full, natural look of the transplant. We can also use FUE to camouflage scars by transplanting hair to areas where scarring has occurred.

Hair Transplant Reversal

If the goal of hair transplant repair is to make things look like they should have after the initial surgery, the purpose of a hair transplant reversal is to make it look like the patient never had hair transplant surgery in the first place. This can involve the same techniques described above.

Hair transplant repair and reversal procedures can undoubtedly improve the results of a prior operation. But they still may not achieve the goals you had for your initial surgery. That is one reason why it is so critical to get things right the first time. Whether you are seeing us for your first hair transplant or are looking to us to improve the results of a previous one, our goal is always the same: to provide you with an exceptional patient experience and hair transplant results that leave you beyond satisfied.

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