How Long do FUE Hair Transplants Take to Heal?

Hair Transplant surgery Hair transplant surgery, like any other surgical procedure, involves some degree of recovery time and limitations on activities in order to properly heal. One of the many benefits of the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant technique – developed and implemented by the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami’s Dr. Paul Rose – is that healing tends to be quicker and involve less post-operative limitations than other hair transplant methods.

The FUE Technique

During a FUE transplant, we remove follicular units one-by-one. Donor hairs are removed with a one-millimeter punch device and the procedure is abetted with a head positioning device to minimize movement. With FUE, patients can completely avoid a more obvious linear scar. Instead, scarring occurs in a dot-like pattern and is virtually undetectable after healing and regrowth.

With FUE, the donor area heals faster than with traditional methods and there is almost no postoperative pain. The minimal scarring means that patients can wear their hair quite short (but not completely shaven) without any evidence that a procedure has been done.

Post-Procedure Care and Healing

Since a mild sedative is used during the procedure, you’ll stay around for a short rest period after completion. You should also arrange for someone to take you home and plan on resting for the remainder of the day.

The day after the procedure, we will want you to return to our offices to have the transplanted areas checked and shampooed. That said, you should also be able to return to work that day and resume all of your regular activities within a week to 10 days.

Some patients experience crusting and mild redness in the recipient area which can last 7-10 days. Many patients can hide these crusts by combing the adjacent hair over the transplanted site, or by wearing a hat. Topical solutions can also be applied after the procedure to accelerate the separation of the crusts.

It is normal for the transplanted hairs to “fall out” in the first few weeks. The hairs then recycle and begin growing in about three to four months. The results are often not visible for six months or slightly longer with final results apparent at 12 months. The results are permanent.

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