How to Achieve a Natural-Looking Hairline

For many people who are in the early stages of hair loss, a diminishing and receding hairline is the first and most noticeable sign that there is an issue. A desire to restore that hairline to its youthful glory is often what motivates individuals to explore the possibility of hair transplant surgery. 

Indeed, the hair transplant surgeries we perform at the Miami Hair & Skin Institute deliver great results as our world-renowned surgeons use their artistry and skill along with the most advanced technology to create natural-looking hairlines that will stand the test of time. Dr. Bernard Nusbaum and Dr. Paul Rose have crafted hairlines that have improved the appearance and self-confidence of thousands of patients.

To achieve this objective, they leverage their comprehensive understanding of what makes a surgically restored hairline look completely organic and not the result of a transplant. When planning each patient’s unique and individual hairline restoration, the factors that they consider in order to obtain the natural-looking hairline the patient wants include:

  • The right frame. Your hairline and your hair, in general, provide framing for your face. Just as a beautiful work of art can be diminished if it is in a substandard frame, so too can the appearance of your face if the hairline is not restored correctly. If the hairline is restored too low on the forehead, it can be just as diminishing to appearance as a hairline which has receded. Your surgeon should find the right level when positioning your new hairline so that it creates a natural, unobtrusive and complementary frame for the shape and features of your face.
  • The right balance. Your new hairline will be with you for years and decades to come. You want it to appear as natural-looking and age-appropriate 20 years from now as it will 20 weeks from now. That entails vision and foresight on the part of your surgeon who will take into consideration factors like your hair type, your natural hairline curvature, and the insertion angle and quantity of follicles they will be transplanting. If your transplanted hairline is too symmetrical or rounded, it will appear unnatural, especially as you grow older. 
  • Plan ahead. A receding hairline is usually a part of pattern baldness, which means other areas of the scalp are either thinning now or likely will in the future. If you want to leave open the possibility of addressing these balding areas at a later date, you need to make sure that you have healthy follicles available for transplant. Your surgeon should consider that when harvesting donor follicles for your hairline restoration, leaving behind a healthy amount for any future procedures.

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