How to Maintain a Healthy Scalp for Optimal Hair Growth

Healthy Scalp If you want to plant a beautiful, healthy, and lush garden, you won’t get very far if the soil is bad, if you don’t water the plants, or are otherwise inattentive. The same goes for your hair. If your scalp is unhealthy, that can have a direct impact on hair growth. And if you are already experiencing hair loss, taking good care of your scalp can help slow that shedding and keep what hair you have healthy and growing.

Here are six ways you can maintain a healthy scalp for optimal hair growth:

  1. Pump up the protein. Hair will not grow without sufficient protein in your body. Eggs, fish, and beef are great sources of protein, as are beans, lentils, and soy.
  2. Chill out. Stress can lead to physical problems, including weight loss, weight gain and hair loss. Overproduction of stress hormones promotes adrenal fatigue, which occurs from the overproduction of cortisol in the body. That overproduction leads to the underproduction of hormones like aldosterone and androgens, resulting in thinning or balding hair. Find a way to alleviate stress that works best for you.
  3. Get some sleep. Sufficient sleep is an essential part of overall health, as our bodies expend a lot of energy every day and need time to recharge so the body can function as it is supposed to. One function is repairing and regenerating hair follicles. A lack of sleep keeps that from happening, causing hair to stop growing, weaken, and eventually fall out more than it otherwise would.
  4. Eat Healthily. To stop and prevent hair loss, be sure to maintain a well-rounded diet rich in protein, biotin, vitamin E, vitamin A, and other important nutrients.
  5. Keep the water flowing. Going back to that garden analogy, water is as important to healthy hair as it is to healthy plants and flowers. Hair is one of the first parts of the body to show the effects of water, vitamin, and mineral deficiency. Hair shafts are made up of approximately 25 percent water, and lack of moisture causes the shaft to weaken. Make a conscious effort to push fluids – at least 64 ounces of water per day – to keep your thirsty hair from drying out.
  6. Keep the UV rays out. Balding individuals or those with thinning hair are particularly vulnerable to sunburn on the scalp. Too much sun can turn your hair brittle, dry, and more prone to breaks and splits. Additionally, sunburn on the scalp can not only be the result of having areas of thinning or absent hair, it can also cause hair loss, at least temporarily. Protect your scalp with scalp sunscreen or a hat, especially in the summer.

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