Minoxidil Study Shows Health Benefits Beyond Hair Growth

Minoxidil Study Shows Health Benefits Beyond Hair GrowthThe unexpected good news about hair loss treatments keeps getting better. Recently, we discussed a study which suggests that the benefits of hair transplant surgery may extend far below the surface of the scalp to relieve migraine headaches. Now, a new report indicates that the popular and effective hair loss drug Rogaine (minoxidil) may not only help slow and stop the balding process but might also have a positive impact on vascular health and blood pressure and may slow mental decline.

Published in March 2018 in the American Journal of Physiology—Heart and Circulatory Physiology, the study found that minoxidil taken in an oral form might improve blood flow to the brain, lower blood pressure and increase elasticity in the blood vessels. When used as a treatment for hair loss, minoxidil is typically used in topical rather than oral form.

The study looked at elastin insufficiency in mice. Elastin is a vital protein which helps keep blood vessels flexible and open. When the body produces an insufficient amount of elastin, blood vessels and arteries can stiffen (vascular stiffness) and reduce blood flow. Vascular stiffness, in turn, increases the risk of heart attack and stroke in aging adults. Reduced blood flow to the brain can also contribute to the age-related cognitive decline.

Researchers wanted to determine whether minoxidil, which acts as an opener of potassium channels in the body, could improve vascular health. Previous studies concluded that drugs that open potassium channels might be effective at improving blood flow and reducing vascular stiffness.

The results of the study were extremely promising. When compared to mice who didn’t receive minoxidil treatment, the treated mice had:

  • lower systolic blood pressure (pressure in the arteries when the heart beats);
  • larger, more open blood vessels such as the aorta and carotid artery;
  • lower vascular stiffness;
  • increased blood flow through the carotid arteries and into the brain; and
  • higher levels of an amino acid found in elastin.

The researchers concluded that these results show that “Treatment of aged individuals with minoxidil may simultaneously improve blood pressure, arterial stiffness and blood flow—all risk factors for cardiovascular mortality, but also for long-term cognitive function.”

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