Most Common Men’s Hair Mistakes

Hair Plug Transplants vs. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)When men think about hair mistakes, it usually involves looking back years or decades of ill-advised hairstyles that must have somehow appeared cool at the time. But long-gone mullets, mohawks, or perms aren’t the only wrong turns men can take with their hair. Many guys make mistakes with their hair every single day, and these mistakes can have a bigger impact than mere embarrassment. Certain things men do with their hair can weaken follicles and increase the chances of hair loss.

While genes are the dominant factor in most cases of hair loss, The foods we consume, the beverages we drink, and the lifestyles we lead can all impact our follicles and either contribute to or slow down hair loss. It would make sense, then, if what we do to our hair directly – the products we apply and styling techniques we use – also affect our hair health.

So, guys, make sure you’ll have plenty of hair to make style mistakes with for years to come by avoiding these bad moves:

  • Don’t overcompensate. Some guys experiencing hair loss try to cover it up by growing their hair longer and styling it like they have a full head of hair. I think we should all know by now how silly and obvious combovers look. They fool no one and actually draw more attention to the fact that you are losing your hair. Keep your hairstyle short and sweet.
  • Don’t let styling products build up. Despite concern to the contrary, there is little evidence that common styling products like mousse, gels, or hairspray have any negative effect on our follicles if used correctly. The key is ensuring that you wash your hair regularly to prevent such products from contributing to any long-term buildup of sebum-based plaque. When combined with pollutants, oils, and sweat, this buildup could lead to a condition called scalp folliculitis which can make it impossible for hair follicles to support a normal hair growth cycle.
  • Embrace the grey. If you are going grey, dying or bleaching your hair can be a recipe for making things much worse than some salt and pepper. Full bleaches can result in fried, yellow hair, and some dyes may make your hair too dark for your complexion or appear obviously unnatural.
  • Don’t try to do two things at once. 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners sound convenient, but trying to wash and condition your hair simultaneously simply doesn’t work. Shampooing and conditioning are two separate processes that are at odds with each other. Shampooing opens up hair cuticles releasing product and dirt build-up. Conditioning, on the other hand, closes the hair cuticles and puts needed moisture back into the hair shaft. Keep these two hair care regimens separate.

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