New Low Level Hair Therapy Device Submitted for FDA Approval

Dr. Shelly Friedman made a special announcement last week in an open letter to friends, hair loss sufferers, and colleagues: The Capillus®272 low level laser therapy device has officially been submitted for FDA approval. One of the newest devices designed for at-home personal use, the Capillus® 272 aims to provide men and women with a safe, convenient, and non-invasive method of treating hair loss. Dr. Friedman is Medical Director at Capillus®, a Miami-based company that offers minimally invasive hair loss treatment options to patients through a vast network of internationally known licensed physicians.

“Capillus® has consulted with the foremost individuals in the fields of optical engineering, lasers, medical device manufacturing, and regulatory affairs throughout the world,” explains Dr. Friedman (i). “Our medical trials have now concluded, and we are in the process of preparing the report for submission very shortly to the FDA.”

Dr. Friedman goes on to explain that trials delivered good news to physicians, men, and women who wish to recommend/use the Capillus®. After a double blind clinical study, preliminary data suggests that the Capillus® delivers results. Moreover, the optical lasers used in the device have an output level that complies with IEC 60825-1. For additional technical specifications, please download the PDF listed at (i) in the Sources section at the bottom of this article.

Learn More About Capillus® in Miami

The Hair Transplant Institute of Miami is pleased to offer Capillus(r) systems for personalized, non-invasive hair loss treatment at home. Designed for use by men and women, the Capillus® discreetly fits beneath your favorite hat to provide comprehensive low level laser exposure for a prescribed period of time (as recommended by your physician).

For more information, visit our low level hair restoration device page or contact our Institute at 305-925-0222.


(i) Capillus® Medical Director Addresses Upcoming FDA Filing