New Studies: Melatonin Cream Shown to Stimulate Hair Follicles

If you’ve heard of melatonin, it is likely in the context of getting a good night’s sleep. That’s because melatonin is a hormone that plays a critical role in our daily cycle of sleeping and wakefulness. An increasing number of people are taking melatonin supplements to help them if they have chronic insomnia or experience other disruptions to their sleep cycle, such as jet lag or shift work. But recent research suggests that melatonin not only can help you get the rest you need, but it can help you keep the hair you want if you are experiencing hair loss issues.

review recently published in the International Journal of Trichology looked at melatonin’s impact on hair loss. It concluded that topical melatonin solutions might provide effective treatment for hair loss caused by androgenetic alopecia, the most common condition that causes hair to fall out.  

The researchers compiled the results of five separate studies of melatonin and hair loss. One of the studies – involving 30 men and women – showed a significant reduction in the degree of severity of androgenetic alopecia after using melatonin for 30 and 90 days. Another study that involved 60 men and women suffering from hair loss found a significant reduction in hair loss among female participants, with less of an impact on men. In yet another study, researchers concluded that a melatonin solution applied to the scalps of 40 women with hair loss increased hair growth significantly compared to participants who were given a placebo.

While it is unclear how exactly melatonin may encourage hair growth, some experts suggest that it may have to do with the same circadian rhythms that govern the sleep-wake cycle. The hair growth cycle in humans is also under circadian control, which may account for the connection.

The authors of the review wrote that “Since safety and tolerability in all of the studies was good, the topical application of a cosmetic melatonin solution can be considered as a treatment option in androgenetic alopecia.”

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While melatonin may have a role to play in strengthening and keeping hair, research is still preliminary, and it may not by itself be able to reverse hair loss or stop it completely in its tracks. At the Miami Hair Institute, our skilled physicians diagnose and treat hair loss cases that can’t be reversed at home. We can help patients suffering from hair loss through advanced hair restoration surgery techniques and alternative non-invasive treatments.

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