Post-Hair Transplant: How Much Time Will I Need to Take Off?

As is the case with any surgery, hair transplants involve some recovery time and brief limitations on what activities you can engage in. This includes your job, your exercise regimen, your hair care routine, and diet. Your body needs time to heal and your transplanted follicles need to be treated with care after your surgery, so be prepared for some downtime.

The good news is that the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique that we use at the Miami Hair Institute involves significantly less recovery time than older transplant methods. That said, here is how much time you may need to take off from various activities after your hair transplant surgery.

Your Job

Depending on the nature of what you do for a living and where you do it, you may need to be ready to take some time off. We use a mild sedative during the surgery, so even if you work from home, you should plan on resting for the remainder of the day after your surgery. Most of our patients can get back to work the day after surgery, but if your job involves a lot of physical activity, you will likely want to take several days up to a week off.  

Your Exercise Regimen

In the first few days after your surgery, your body needs to spend its energy healing, not working out. Don’t run, cycle, or lift weights within three days after your surgery, and avoid vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for at least one week.

Your Hair Care Routine

Wait for at least 24 hours after your surgery before washing your hair. When showering, wash your scalp gently under cool water. Avoid brushing your hair for as long as possible, stay away from hot styling tools for at least a week, don’t wear tight bands or clips, and instead of rubbing your hair to dry it, apply light pressure.

Your Alcohol Consumption

Hold off on any celebratory cocktails, wine, or beer for at least three days after your procedure. Alcohol can act as a blood-thinner and inhibit and slow down the healing process.

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The foregoing are general guidelines, but you should always follow your doctor’s specific post-operative instructions in terms of what you should and shouldn’t be doing after your transplant.

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