Post-Transplant Hair Care Tips

Post-Transplant Hair CareYou’ve decided to take action against your hair loss and undergo hair restoration surgery – great. But, what can you expect after the procedure and what steps should you take to ensure optimal results?

First, make plans to have a friend or family member drive you home after the operation. Because you will be given a mild sedative for any associated pain. Typically, most patients return to work and their daily schedule within 24 hours, but healing time varies by individual case. We recommend our patients wait at least a week before hitting the gym or engaging in strenuous activities. Because we employ precision and thoughtfulness into every procedure, signs of surgery are minimal. Depending on the procedure, you might have clipped or shaved hair that allows our physicians to transport follicles from the donor site to balding areas.

You may experience slight discomfort and soreness following the procedure. Hair often falls out from the transplant site a few weeks after surgery in order to allow for new growth.

Post-Transplant Hair Care

To facilitate maximum growth and proper healing, consider the following tips:

  • Do not drink alcohol for at least three days post-op, as alcohol can thin blood and inhibit healing.
  • Do not jog, cycle or lift weights within three days of surgery. Vigorous exercise should be avoided for at least one week.
  • Do not engage in heavy lifting.
  • Sleep with your head elevated for the first few days to prevent forehead swelling.
  • Do not wash hair for at least 24 hours. When showering, wash the scalp gently under cool water.
  • Apply light pressure to dry hair. Do not rub.
  • Avoid brushing for as long as possible.
  • Avoid hot styling tools for at least a week.
  • Do not dye or chemically process hair.
  • Avoid tight bands and clips that strain the follicles.

Our physicians will provide you with more extensive instructions before your surgery begins. To schedule a consultation, or inquire about post-op must-dos, contact the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami at 305-925-0222.