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Syringe filled with platelet-rich plasma (PRP)Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has become a popular tool to enhance the outcome of a variety of medical procedures. PRP is particularly popular among hair transplant surgeons, dermatologists, and other professionals who provide cosmetic and/or aesthetic enhancement procedures. Nicknamed “vampire treatments,” this new approach to wound healing and recovery is helping men and women of all ages find a more youthful head of hair with less post-procedure discomfort.

Are you looking for more information on PRP treatments in Miami? Read the guide below to learn more about the role of platelets in healing and recovery. Then, speak with a member of our Institute to learn more about hair loss treatment with PRP.

What is PRP?

As the name implies, PRP is simply a mixture of blood plasma that has additional platelets, growth factors, and cytokines mixed in. PRP is always prepared from the patient’s own blood sample. The volume of natural platelets, growth factors, and cytokines makes platelet-rich-plasma an ideal addition to any procedure that might require an enhanced healing process.

What is PRP used for?

PRP is used for a number of different procedures. Increasingly, these “vampire treatments” are being used to aid in faster and fuller recovery from cosmetic and/or aesthetic procedures. The types of medical professionals known to offer PRP to patients include plastic surgeons, dental professionals, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and hair restoration surgeons.

Since patients are electing to have physical aesthetics enhanced, PRP is a safe and effective way to improve overall outcome. In many studies, it has been shown to speed the wound healing process while also reducing inflammation. Many studies show PRP effective in treating hair loss, including this study made available by

When it comes to treating hair loss, PRP can be used in 1 of 2 very interesting ways:

Stand-alone PRP Treatment. In some studies (like the one cited above), PRP has demonstrated an ability to reverse androgenic alopecia. PRP appears to nurture hair follicles with critical growth factors that take them from a dormant state (in which hair is no longer growing) to an active state (in which a normal hair growth cycle occurs).

Using PRP in Conjunction with Hair Restoration. At our Institute, we have seen excellent results when using PRP with other hair restoration procedures. When performing hair transplant, patients exhibit signs of faster healing with minimal inflammation and post-operative scarring.

Though our Institute has not performed controlled studies on PRP, the new treatment has had numerous positive effects on patients. These include:

  1. Faster healing of donor area, post-transplant
  2. Transplanted follicles “take” and heal faster
  3. Patients report fewer incidences of redness, cursing, and irritation after procedure
  4. Enhanced hair follicle growth in recipient area (restored area of scalp)
  5. Reduction in inflammation experienced as a result of surgery

Finding PRP in Miami

At the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, our clinic stands committed to delivering only the newest, safest, and most effective methods of hair loss diagnosis and treatment. Platelet-rich plasma is just one of many advanced hair loss treatments we offer, and it has shown promise for men and women of many ages who wish to restore their natural hair.

Learn more about PRP in Miami by contacting our Institute online or calling directly at toll free 877-443-9070.