Questions to Ask During and After Your Hair Loss Consultation

If you’ve decided to make an appointment for a hair loss consultation, congratulations. You are taking a big step towards restoring your hair and regaining your self-confidence. It is a significant endeavor and one you should approach with thoughtfulness and care. No more so than when you are choosing the hair restoration physician to lead you through this journey.

Here in South Florida, there is no shortage of physicians, clinics, or other companies and facilities that will tell you that they are the solution to your hair loss issues. 

With so many options, choosing one, two, or even three hair restoration professionals or hair transplant surgeons to call for a consultation can seem overwhelming.

But only you will know which professional is the right one for you. And you will figure that out by asking the right questions during and after your initial hair loss consultation.

When you meet with a hair loss physician for the first time – and do make sure it is a physician, not a “consultant” – ask him or her some or all of the following questions that can help you decide whether they are the doctor for you:

  • How many years have you been performing hair transplant surgery?
  • How many hair transplant procedures have you performed?
  • Did you have residency training in surgery or dermatology?
  • Where did you receive your medical and hair transplant surgery training?
  • Are you an MD?
  • Are you board certified? If so, with what board?
  • Do you publish articles and/or give presentations about hair restoration and hair transplant surgery?
  • What kind of hair transplant procedures do you perform?
  • How do you decide which hair restoration option is right for me?
  • Do you charge by the procedure, by the follicular unit, or by the follicle?
  • Do you offer payment plans?
  • If I’m not from the South Florida area, can you offer an evaluation or quote without an office visit or do you provide travel plans for non-Miami residents?
  • Do you have before and after pictures that can show me the results of your work?
  • Are there former patients I can speak with to see their results and hear about their experience?
  • Why, in your opinion, are you the right hair transplant surgeon for me?

After each initial consultation, when you have a chance to reflect on your meeting, ask yourself the following questions that will help you determine whether the doctor you met with should make the cut:

  • Did he or she take the time to examine you carefully?
  • Did he or she listen to you closely and seem genuinely interested in what you had to say?
  • Did he or she answer all of your questions patiently without seeming annoyed or put-out?
  • Did he or she measure your hair density and tell you what it is?
  • Did he or she measure the degree of miniaturization on your scalp hair?
  • Did he or she assess your scalp laxity?
  • Did you feel you were being hurried, rushed, or “sold” toward surgery with deals or discounts?
  • Did you feel comfortable with the doctor and did he or she seem like someone you could trust

By asking the right questions of your doctor – and yourself – you can make the right hair restoration choice!

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