Scientists Claim Extracts from Mangrove Trees Can Prevent Baldness

If you’re looking for mangrove trees in the United States, you need to look to South Florida. Almost all of these coastal trees are down here. They are key components of our ecosystem, but mangroves may also hold the key to preventing baldness, according to some promising new research out of Thailand.

Thai researchers who conducted a small study of 50 individuals with androgenetic alopecia claim that an extract from mangrove trees can both stop hair loss and promote hair growth.

Called Avicennia Marin, the extract contains the active compound Avicequinon-C, which the researchers believe can help reverse hair loss by interfering with enzymes that lead to the elevated hormone levels that can cause baldness. According to the researchers, Avicennia Marin extract also helps build proteins that can promote hair health and growth.

In the study, the participants applied Avicennia Marin to their scalps each day. They showed demonstrable improvement over the course of their treatment, with hair loss slowing and many participants seeing new hair growth.

A private company has purchased a patent for the technology in order to convert it into a commercial product. However, research on Avicennia Marin is still in its early stages, which means more studies and testing – and FDA approval – need to occur before any products containing the compound come on the market. Even if research continues to show promise and confirm the Thai study’s conclusions, a mangrove extract-based medication for hair loss could still be years away.

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