Should You Consider Scalp Exfoliation?

Anyone who has a lawn understands that if it is left covered in debris, leaves, pebbles, and such, the grass won’t grow as well – and may ultimately die. The lawn won’t look particularly healthy or attractive either. Our hair can suffer the same fate if enough “debris” builds-up on our scalp. Even with regular shampooing, the styling products that many of us use daily, along with dry skin cells, oil, and pollutants, can leave behind a layer of stifling residue.

That is why many folks are starting to integrate scalp exfoliation into their hair care routines. Should you consider doing so as well?

Why Exfoliate Your Scalp?

Scalp exfoliation involves a process much like the exfoliation of facial skin and serves many of the same purposes. Like our faces, our scalps produce oil, also called sebum. In the right amount, sebum can keep our skin moisturized and give our hair follicles a shiny appearance and soft texture. But too much sebum on the scalp can become a breeding ground for the malassezia furfur yeast that is a primary cause of dandruff. It can also cause flare-ups of seborrheic dermatitis.

Similarly, the gels, mousse, hairspray, and even dry shampoo that are part of styling routines can buildup on the scalp, just like makeup can accumulate on the face if not cleaned effectively. This layer of residue can clog hair follicles, which can ultimately lead to hair thing and loss. Those who only shampoo once a week or so are particularly susceptible to this problem.

What Is Involved in Scalp Exfoliation?

An increasing number of salons are offering scalp exfoliation on their menu of services, but it can be easily performed at home as well. The process usually involves gently but firmly buffing the scalp with a teasing brush to loosen the debris, followed by massaging an exfoliating scalp treatment into the dry scalp and hair for around 10 minutes. After that, you can shampoo, condition, and style your hair as you usually would.

Some People Shouldn’t Exfoliate Their Scalp

For most people, there is no downside to scalp exfoliation other than some additional time added to their hair care regime. If you use a large amount of product or are prone to perspiring or producing large amounts of oil, it’s probably a good idea.

But certain folks with scalp conditions or sensitivities should avoid scalp exfoliation as it can sometimes be harsh and mildly irritating. This includes individuals who have psoriasis, sores, cuts, infections, or eczema on the scalp. 

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