The ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System Upgrade in Detail

The award-winning hair transplant surgeons at the Miami Hair & Skin Institute take immense pride in their commitment to excellence in hair restoration. That commitment manifests itself not only in the skill and artistry that comes from decades of experience and thousands of successful procedures, but also in the use of the most advanced technology available to achieve the best possible results. 

Our leadership in pioneering hair restoration technology is perhaps best seen in our use of the revolutionary ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration System, which delivers unmatched precision in surgical hair transplantation. The surgeons at the Miami Hair & Skin Institute perform approximately 200 ARTAS procedures each year and are NUMBER ONE in the Eastern U.S. in the total number of hair restoration surgeries using ARTAS.

Now, ARTAS technology has taken another leap forward with the introduction of the ARTAS iX™ system. This game-changing technology dramatically enhances the patient experience and provides truly impressive, natural-looking results.

What Makes ARTAS iX Different?

What distinguishes ARTAS iX from other hair restoration solutions is its use of machine-based vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide precise, minimally-invasive, repeatable harvesting and implantation functionality in one compact system. It is the first and only physician-assisted system that can dissect and assist in the harvesting of follicular units directly from the scalp, create recipient implant sites using proprietary algorithms, and implant the hair follicles into the designated locations.

The ARTAS iX system uses a 3D-camera stereoscopic vision system with improved 44-micron resolution and a 7-axis robot arm to deliver unmatched procedural analysis, precision, repeatability, and efficiency.

How is ARTAS iX Used in Hair Transplant Surgery?

When using the ARTAS iX system to perform a follicular unit extraction (FUE) procedure, the surgeon will load 25 harvested grafts at a time into a rectangular cartridge which he or she will then insert into the robotic arm. The arm will then implant the grafts directly into the scalp.

A significant advantage of using these cartridges is that it facilitates gentle handling of the fragile grafts, reducing the risk of graft injury. In a manual graft implant, the surgeon will typically grasp the follicles by the bulb just below the sebaceous glands and then bring those follicles into the incision, risking considerable follicle damage.

The ARTAS iX system holds grafts at the epidermal end and then gently places them into the cartridge. This eliminates unnecessary and preventable injury to the growth of the transplanted hair by avoiding contact with the lower and mid-portions of the follicles.

The surgeon then uses the ARTAS iX to digitally create a recipient site plan that communicates directly with the robot, programming the specific size, distribution, density, direction, and angle of the sites for the follicular unit grafts. The ARTAS iX’s vision system identifies where the grafts will be placed and leads the robotic arm into position. Once the system automatically orients itself over the patient’s recipient area, implantation begins. The ARTAS iX can implant up to 500 grafts per hour, making it as efficient as it is precise.

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We are proud to offer our patients the benefits of ARTAS iX technology and are among the first clinics in the United States to do so. This is just the latest way that the Miami Hair & Skin Institute continues to lead the way in hair restoration. Our Drs. Nusbaum and Rose are internationally acclaimed hair restoration surgeons with more than 40 years of combined experience. To receive a personalized evaluation and treatment plan, contact us online or call our office directly at 305-925-0222.