The Benefits of ARTAS® Hair Transplants

Long gone are the days of hair “plugs” – at least among prominent surgeons who employ the most advanced technologies and systems. Today, surgeons use cutting-edge techniques like the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or Follicular Isolation (FIT) to harvest healthy follicles and remove the tell-tale signs of transplants. Facilitated by ARTAS® technology, a 3d physician-guided robotic system that sustains donor graft quality and eliminates linear scars, hair transplants are a natural-looking solution for hereditary hair loss conditions like androgenic alopecia.

During ARTAS hair transplants, the donor area from which follicular units are harvested is trimmed down to allow for proper digital imaging. After administering a local anesthetic, the doctor activates a robotic arm that pinpoints which follicular units to target, regularly re-positioning itself to extract only the most powerful grafts. Rather than harvest large patches that look unnatural when implanted, the machine collects donor hair in a random pattern to preserve the patient’s original appearance at the donor site. After adequate hair is gathered, the grafts are transplanted in a planned and personalized pattern. The entire process takes around four to eight hours and most patients can return to their normal activities after a few days. The transplanted grafts then grow as permanent hairs with substantial growth appearing around six to nine months following the procedure.

Consider the following reasons ARTAS hair transplants deliver optimal hair restoration results:

  • Because ARTAS hair transplants are minimally-invasive, both the donor and recipient areas heal quickly. The transplant “takes” in about three days. Small scabs are normal and can be gently rubbed off after a few days. In about a week, your scalp’s appearance returns to normal.
  • Transplanted hair grows gradually and naturally to prevent a sudden or obvious change in appearance. Optimal growth usually materializes around nine months after surgery.
  • ARTAS hair transplants are outpatient procedures that require only a local anesthetic. Numbing eliminates any pain during the procedure, and mild swelling or discomfort afterwards typically subsides in one to three days.
  • ARTAS harvesting eliminates linear scars, which means patients can wear their hair in practically any style or length.
  • After extraction, digital imaging is used to analyze distinct growth patterns and construct the most natural-looking design for implantation. Developed by Dr. Paul Rose and Dr. Bernard Nusbaum, the Mosaic® Hair Restoration technique delivers remarkably tailored results.
  • Previous hair transplants with obvious linear scars can be disguised using the ARTAS system.
  • ARTAS hair transplants offer unparalleled precision, uniformity, accuracy and personalization during FUE procedures. There’s no room for human fatigue or error; every graft is as qualified as the first.
  • Results are designed to last a lifetime.

Dr. Paul Rose and Dr. Bernard Nusbaum of the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami are ISHRS Golden Follicle Award Winners who are continuously recognized for their insightful hair loss research, revolutionary transplant techniques and high patient satisfaction. We invite new patients to schedule a free consultation at 877-443-9070 to evaluate your hair loss, rule out any underlying conditions and discuss a personalized treatment path to restore hair and reestablish lost self-confidence.