The Best Treatment for a Receding Hairline

The Best Treatment for a Receding HairlineThe best treatment for a receding hairline may differ according to individual patient needs. The good news: Patients have a variety of options available to treat not just receding hairlines, but also widespread hair loss as well. Patients are urged to always consult a physician prior to starting a hair loss treatment protocol. Only under the guidance of a licensed hair loss professional can patients receive the most personalized and comprehensive plan for stopping the progression of hair loss, and restoring areas of thinning or receding hair.

Preventing Ongoing Hair Loss

Most patients are surprised to learn that active hair loss prevention is important during the treatment a receding hairline. Hair loss is progressive, so it’s important to curb the rate at which you are losing hair while also seeking restoration treatment (see section below, Restoring Receding Hairlines). Today, there are 3 primary methods of hair loss prevention that are backed by clinical studies. They include:

  • Topical hair foam (e.g. Minoxidil®)
  • Hair loss medications (e.g. Propecia®)
  • Laser hair restoration (e.g. using a laser cap like Capillus272™ Pro)

An important note for female patients: Hair loss medications like Propecia® are for males only. Topical hair foams are an effective alternative for most women. If the application of a topical foam seems messy and tedious, we recommend at-home laser therapy with the Capillus272™ Pro.

When Prevention is Not Enough. Some patients see the results they desire after just a few months of using a hair loss prevention product like those described above. In other cases, these methods of hair loss prevention do not recreate the look of a fuller hairline. Rather, they simply abate the progression of hair loss. When topical foams, pills, and laser caps are not enough, patients may look to surgical hair restoration with a professional surgeon.

Restoring Receding Hairlines

At Hair Transplant Institute Miami, we are pleased to offer 2 highly refined approaches to surgical hairline restoration. The first is traditional “Strip” procedure, and the second is the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. Both techniques are extremely effective when performed by Dr. Bernard Nusbaum and Dr. Paul Rose, two ISHRS Golden Follicle Award winning surgeons who lead the surgical team at Hair Transplant Institute Miami. Visitors are invited to read more about hair transplant techniques here.

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Choose a surgeon you can trust. Drs. Nusbaum and Rose are internationally acclaimed hair restoration surgeons with more than 40 years combined experience. Both Drs. Nusbaum and Rose are actively engaged in hair loss research and lecture widely. To receive a personalized evaluation and treatment plan, contact Hair Transplant Institute Miami online or call or office directly at 305-925-0222.