The Hair Restoration Journey Series: Differences in Clinics – Doctor/Technician v. Doctor Only

What Kind of Doctor Treats Hair Loss?You’ve made the decision to do something about your hair loss. You’ve done some research and want to see if you are candidate for hair transplant surgery. To do that, you will need to set up a consultation with a licensed hair loss professional at one of the hundreds of hair loss clinics across South Florida. But with so many clinics, how do you know which one best fits your needs?

First it is important to understand that not all hair restoration clinics are the same. Not even remotely. The talents, experience, and credentials of the professionals who will be evaluating and treating you can vary widely. So too can the technology and techniques each clinic recommends or uses to restore hair.

Most clinics will offer both surgical as well as non-surgical options for restoring your hair. Surgical hair transplant techniques such Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE/FIT) and Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG) are powerfully effective at restoring hair. But they are also complex procedures which require an exceptionally high degree of precision.

They involve carefully selecting, removing, and transplanting health “donor hair” from one area of the patient’s scalp to another. A lack of skill, accuracy, and finesse in conducting theses delicate procedures not only can reduce the effectiveness of the transplant, it can result in scarring and other complications.

One of the key differences between hair restoration clinics which offer surgical options involves who will be performing the procedure. Some clinics allow non-physician technicians to extract and transplant follicles under the supervision of a licensed surgeon. At other clinics, only surgeons are involved and personally perform every aspect of the procedure.

As you research clinics, it is important to understand whether a technician, a surgeon, or both will be involved in your hair transplant surgery. When you have your initial hair loss consultation with a hair restoration physician (and your consultation should be with a physician, not a “consultant”), be sure to ask who will be performing the procedure if surgery is the recommended option for treating your hair loss.

Technician-performed transplants may often be less expensive than those done by a highly-trained physician. But keep in mind one of the most important aspects of hair transplant surgery: it is, in fact, surgery. Ask yourself: if you were having open-heart surgery, would you want a technician or a surgeon holding the scalpel? Your answer to that question will tell you what kind of clinic you should choose for your hair transplant surgery.

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