The Latest Research on Phytochemicals for Hair Growth

There is currently a lot of hype surrounding plant-based meat substitutes like the “Impossible Burger,” but plants and the chemicals they contain are also making news for their ability to help with hair growth.

A new report suggests that “phytochemicals” – naturally occurring compounds present in all plants – can play a significant role in the treatment of hair loss. Published earlier this year in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, the report compiled almost 30 years of research on topical and oral hair loss applications containing phytochemicals.

The data that the researchers analyzed led them to conclude that “all investigated phytochemicals have well-documented pharmacological activities and pathways, which hair researchers have also identified as potential regulators of hair growth…” While the data was not conclusive as to the extent of phytochemicals’ effect on hair growth, the researchers noted that “the range of phytochemicals proposed for treating hair loss is promising and growing.”

While the report looked at an expansive range of phytochemicals, they found that caffeine, along with phenolic compounds and phytosterols, was “the preferred choices for androgenic hair loss, as evidenced by the available literature.”

At the Miami Hair & Skin Institute, we stand at the forefront of new developments in the treatment of hair loss and are continually evaluating innovative approaches to hair restoration. For example, we now offer Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy and Stem Cell Hair Growth Therapy, two treatments that leverage the latest technological advancements to strengthen existing hair and promote the growth of new follicles. We will continue to monitor research regarding the use of phytochemicals in hair loss treatment and provide updates as to any additional developments.

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