The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Care For Our Hair

After almost a year of living with the pandemic, we understand that the impact of  COVID-19 extends far beyond those who actually get sick with the virus. We have all changed the way we live, the way we do our jobs, and the way we care for ourselves. This includes how we are treating our hair.

It has been established that hair loss is one of the many unfortunate consequences of COVID-19 infection. Even for otherwise healthy individuals, the stress of our current circumstances has led to an increase in cases of sudden stress-related hair loss. As reported by NPR, one dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic who used to see about five patients a week with stress-related hair loss and now sees between 20 to 25.

But hair loss is not the only way that the pandemic had changed the health of our hair. Lockdowns and quarantines and working from home have led many people to dramatically alter their hair care regimes. People who don’t go into the office every day or aren’t heading out for nights on the town are not shampooing their hair as often as they used to, nor are they using as much product. Shuttered hair salons kept people from getting their hair cut or styled, and even when they are allowed to reopen, many folks decide that it is not yet worth the risk.

While folks may be taking a more laissez-faire approach to their hair because of convenience or safety concerns, one unintended result is that their hair may be better off for it. 

Shampooing every day can open and close hair cuticles so much that it breaks, which leads to split ends and breakage, especially when combined with styling or heating products. People who have reduced the frequency of shampooing or who have switched to dry shampoos are seeing stronger, healthier-looking hair. So too are those who are giving their hair a break from gels, sprays, curling irons, or blow dryers.

The pandemic will be behind us, hopefully soon. While we will be happy to say goodbye to face masks, social distancing, and quarantines, we may want to continue the gentler approach to hair care that many of us adopted during our COVID-19 days.

The Miami Hair Institute Is Here For You During These Trying Times

At the Miami Hair Institute, we know how difficult and stressful things can be as we cope with the uncertainties and disruptions caused by COVID-19. During this time, we remain committed to helping our clients address their hair loss issues safely and effectively through our advanced hair restoration techniques, technology, and alternative non-invasive treatments. To receive your personalized evaluation and treatment plan, contact us online or call our office directly at 305-925-0222.