What’s the Best Hairbrush for Thinning Locks?

HairbrushMost adults brush or comb their hair as part of a regular morning routine. After all, looking poised and presentable is important for making a positive impression at work, with new friends or a potential significant other.

However, over-brushing your hair or using the wrong bristles can trigger additional hair loss. When you’re already suffering with androgenic alopecia, traction areata or telogen effluvium, the last thing you want to do is instigate more shedding.

Best Hairbrush Materials for Thinning Hair

For women with diffuse thinning, boar bristles are the most pliable and gentle brush materials on the market. Brushes made of 100 percent boar bristles are said to be the highest quality, effectively distributing oils from the scalp down through the tips of strands for a shiny look.

Porcupine brushes, which are a combination of boar bristles and engineered nylon, provide better hold without pulling on follicles and causing further damage. Store brand brushes are often made of 100 percent nylon.

If you’re prone to experiencing loss while you brush, consider using a wide tooth comb. Depending on the coarseness of your strands, a wide tooth comb may not do the trick without excessive force, so opt for a tighter-weave brush if you have tangles to tame. Or, use the wide tooth comb in the shower. Water helps soften hair, making it easier to comb through tangles without pulling on the roots.

Avoid metal combs, unless styling wigs. Metal combs are too harsh on the scalp and prohibit your follicles from healing properly.

Hairbrush Design

The design of the brush is more about personal choice and lifestyle. As long as you choose high-quality and pliable materials, the shape of the hairbrush doesn’t have as much of an impact on loss.

Vented brushes can minimize blow drying time, which helps limit the number of minutes your hair is exposed to heat. Using a blow dryer too often can cause dryness and breakage, but limiting exposure keeps the hair cuticle intact.

Additionally, cushion brushes secure bristles onto a padded surface, which gives the bristles greater flexibility. The more flexible the brush, the gentler it is when combing through your strands. For patients with hair loss, delicate and thoughtful hair care is of the utmost importance.

While selecting the right type of brush can limit further damage, combatting hair loss early with restoration therapies is key. The Hair Transplant Institute of Miami offers hair transplant surgeries, low-level laser therapy devices and stem cell hair growth treatments. To book an appointment, call our office at 305-925-0222.