No Shave FUE

No Shaving Required.

With our two methods of FUE, the ARTAS physician-guided robotic system or manual FUE, the donor area is completely shaven which is perfectly designed for individuals who normally wear a “fade” haircut.

For those who generally wear a longer hair style and prefer to not shave their donor hair, we are one of the first centers worldwide to perform a revolutionary procedure termed No Shave FUE.

The No Shave FUE technique is performed with a unique device that has the ability to extract individual follicular units containing long unshaven hairs.

Donor Area Immediately After No Shave FUE

Minimally Invasive & Discreet

The donor area is undetectable from the moment you leave the office, and allows patients the best of both worlds; they can still reap the benefits of FUE yet remain discreet without shaving and return to normal activities immediately.

Our surgeons have demonstrated this technique to physicians from around the world at international conferences.