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At Miami Hair Institute, we understand the pain of losing your hair. With over 20,000 successful procedures since 1984, our renowned surgeons, Drs. Aron and Bernard Nusbaum, along with Dr. Timothy Wu, bring a combined 50 years of experience to deliver your dream hair. Our pioneering techniques, recognized by the ISHRS Golden Follicle Award, ensure dense, natural results. Trust us to be your dream solution for undetectable, one-time hairline restoration. Say goodbye to hair loss and hello to confidence.



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The Hair Transplant Channel

Joe Tillman’s experience in the field is unlike anyone else in the online space. He has been deeply involved with some of the greatest hair restoration clinics in the world, sharing his experience and insight as both a repair patient and a professional in the industry to help make the patient experience the best it can be. This insight has been the basis for the growth of his worldwide reputation for having a keen understanding of various hair restoration surgeries, and non-surgical treatments. Learn more about Joe Tillman and why he recommends Miami Hair.

meet the


Aron Nusbaum, M.D.

Dr. Aron Nusbaum is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a Fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. He specializes in hair transplantation and medical treatment of hair loss. Dr. Nusbaum is known for achieving maximum density with complete naturalness in a single procedure.

Timothy Wu, M.D.

Dr. Timothy Wu specializes in medical therapy for hair loss and hair transplantation. He is an expert in novel imaging techniques for evaluating hair loss conditions as well as regenerative medicine therapies. Dr. Wu is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology and the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

Bernard Nusbaum, M.D.

Dr. Bernard Nusbaum’s expertise In hair restoration is unparalleled. He specializes in hair transplant surgery and has performed more than 10,000 hair transplant procedures in the last two decades. A University of Miami School of Medicine graduate and leader in his field, Dr. Nusbaum extends a warm welcome to all visitors.

“We believe in helping our patients to look their best. Even though looks aren’t everything, we know how debilitating the loss of hair can be for both men and women, and sometimes for their loved ones. Our goal is to give you a full and natural-looking head of hair, which creates a more youthful appearance and a renewed sense of confidence and self-esteem.”

miami hair institute

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Javier Cuesta
Javier Cuesta
29 April 2024
From start to finish everything has been great, the staff is out of this world, soo nice, I just had my 6th month appointment and seeing the before and after photos is so rewarding, 100% recommend this institute
Wadi O Barreto
Wadi O Barreto
5 April 2024
Last June 2023 I had a hair transplant procedure at Miami Hair Institute and I feel blessed I found them. After a lot of research I chose them specifically because on a review I read, where the reviewer talked about the sincerity of the Dr not offering miracles but sound alternatives of what he could do, not trying to sell more than what truly could be done. When I met with Dr Aron Nusbaum, that’s exactly what I got, a very clear picture of the outcome I could expect and if I could be happy with that, then good, if not, then he recommended not go forward. He was being conservative about what he offered, since I got better results and faster than I expected based on his comments and detailed explanations, I know that won’t always be the case, but I rather have low expectations and have a great result than having great expectations and have mediocre results. My youngest son got married in December and our daughter got married in February, I felt great and looked far better in the pictures with my new hair than without it. Thank you Dr Nusbaum for your professionalism, sincerity and great skills, I will recommend you to everyone who asks. God bless you.
flor vm
flor vm
21 March 2024
Hoy acudí a una revisión de caída repentina de cabello en una pequeña área, el lugar es impecable y la atención desde que llegas muy amable profesional y eficiente tienen mucha tecnología para detectar de dónde viene el problema.
Lance M.
Lance M.
13 March 2024
I got an FUE transplant with Dr. Aron Nusbaum 1 year ago and I am very pleased with my decision to get it done at Miami Hair Institute. I started a nationwide search for the best hair transplant docs in the country back in July 2022. As a healthcare provider myself, I was very picky with what I was looking for in a doctor. I wanted an evidence based approach to my hair transplant that produced excellent results, from a doctor who has a strong moral compass. My extensive research led me to Dr. Aron Nusbaum. One thing that I admired about Dr. Nusbaum was that he only does about 2 surgeries per day, as compared to other places that do many surgeries in one day. I wanted a doc that would give as much attention to my procedure as possible. I also liked that he didn't charge a consult fee. I was able to go meet him and talk to him about my concerns and he listened without worrying about whether I would agree to a transplant or not. His staff is also extremely friendly and makes you feel like a million bucks every time you walk in the door. They didn't push me to do anything that would be considered hero medicine. Many people want someone who promises them the world, only to find out after the fact that they can't give them the world based on their circumstances. Dr. Nusbaum was honest with me. He said I was a good candidate for a transplant but that we would need to stay conservative to save grafts for possible future transplants as the hair loss continues in my crown and mid section. He didn't want to bring my hairline down too low so we could use as many grafts as possible to really fill in my frontal area and make it look nice. He also knew I was not a candidate for oral Finasteride use based on the negative side effects I had while on it, so we needed to be strategic with how we approach the grafting so we have options for the future. I arrived the morning of the surgery to a friendly staff waiting for my big day. The Miami Hair Institute office suite is beautiful. Everything is perfectly clean, not a computer screen, stapler, or paper out of place. They brought me back at 730 and started prepping me for the day. Between the oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, and local anesthesia, the day flew by. I was out of it for what felt like a few minutes of harvesting with the ARTAS and when I asked what time it was, they said it had already been 3 hours! The rest of the day proceeded similarly. I took a lunch break at 2pm to eat a wonderful lunch they provided from a local restaurant - but outside this, it felt like the day started and ended within about 2 hrs! I was there at 730 and didn't leave until 530pm. Total procedure time was 9 hrs but it felt much quicker. The following morning I went back for a quick post op. They washed my head, and Dr. Nusbaum gave me some final info and recommendations. I had virtually no post-operative pain in the days and weeks following the surgery. A year has now gone by and I am amazed by my results. My hairline looks so natural that no one would ever know I had a procedure done. When you look closely at my hairline, the attention to detail is incredible, with every follicle naturally and perfectly placed. I have had so many compliments from family and friends over the past year about my hair, including people I’ve never met complimenting me that I have nice hair. Dr. Nusbaum nailed it! It's incredible what modern medicine and an excellent doctor can accomplish. I truly believe Dr. Aron Nusbaum is already one of the best in the industry, and is on track to keep moving up. He is running an ethical operation, with a wonderful staff, in a state of the art facility, using sound medical ethics and techniques. His results speak for themself with every case he does. I would recommend him to anyone. In fact, I talked my own uncle into getting a transplant with Dr. Nusbaum after he saw my results! If you are considering who to go with, don’t hesitate to choose Dr. Nusbaum. You won’t be disappointed!
Stephen Gruberg
Stephen Gruberg
27 February 2024
I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at Miami Hair Institute for my first hair restoration procedure. The office and patient accommodations are world class, the staff is friendly, caring and responsive, and Dr. Nusbaum (Aron performed my procedure) truly is an expert in his field. But beyond that, Dr. Nusbaum really is an artist who takes an immense amount of pride in his work and seeks to achieve optimal cosmetic results, tailored to both patient desire and feasibility. I am ~6 months removed from my first procedure to fill out my receding hairline / widows peak area, and could not be happier with the results (which are still improving by the day). As a 41 year old man, I can honestly say I have a new confidence in my appearance that I haven't had in years and am so thankful for Dr. Nusbaum and the entire staff for their attention, care and support. In fact I just booked my second procedure (will be 6 months from now) to restore some of the thinning I've have had on the crown of my head, and already can't wait for my appointment and to see the future results. I unequivocally recommend anyone looking into a hair restoration procedure to schedule a consultation at Miami Hair Institute. They are by far the gold standard for hair restoration in South Florida and well beyond.
Frederick Martin
Frederick Martin
9 February 2024
Highly trained, highly professional. You have the peace of mind that they are the best in their profession and no one else would do the job any better. In addition, they treat you like family.
paul buckley
paul buckley
6 February 2024
Dr. A. Nusbaum and his amazing team of dedicated professionals provide exceptional care and support through every step in the process. Their personal and professional service is second to none. They are simply the best!
Andre Ribas
Andre Ribas
5 February 2024
This is my second review because my first was based on 6 months of having my surgery and all is get is compliments. If you’re a man and thinking about getting your hair done, look no further! Dr Nusbaum is amazing!!! And his staff are even better! Those women are Angels!!! Thank you so much guys!!! Worth every penny!
Gordon P
Gordon P
27 January 2024
The new office is beautiful, the consultation was very thorough and the staff was wonderful! Looking forward to making a decision soon.
Kelly Corsi
Kelly Corsi
26 January 2024
This review is way overdue. I was having a horrible time with hair loss/thinning. Dr. Wu was able to pinpoint the cause and start treatment. Not only did the shedding stop, but it’s completely grown back. I can honestly say that my hair has never looked better! It’s now so full and thick. Ladies, it takes some effort but you don’t have to live with thinning hair.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

  • Harvesting individual follicular units for natural results.
  • Artistic slits for proper angle, direction, and arrangement.
  • Local anesthesia, oral sedative, and minimal discomfort.
  • Results visible in 3-4 months, permanent after 12 months.

Strip Procedure

  • Practical, non-shaved technique for efficient graft harvesting.
  • Trichophytic closure for virtually undetectable donor scars.
  • Immediate coverage of donor area with natural hair.

* Video shows the donor area after strip procedure with trichophytic closure


  • #1 in the world for robotic procedures.
  • Superior blending of donor area with short haircuts.
  • Hybrid approach for increased follicle harvest and blending.

Manual FUE

  • Utilizes advanced Ugraft Zeus, Trivellini, and WAW systems.
  • Extraction by licensed medical personnel only.
  • Complete shaving required for procedure.

No-Shave FUE

  • Ideal for individuals with longer hairstyles.
  • Unique manual FUE devices for discreet, unshaven extraction.
  • Undetectable donor area, immediate return to normal activities.
*Photo on the bottom is donor area immediately after No-Shave FUE procedure
*Photo to the right is donor area immediately after No-Shave FUE procedure

We welcome your inquiries. You can reach us via phone, fax or email.

Toll Free: 877-443-9070

Phone: 305.448.9100

Fax: 305.448.1050

Email: drnusbaum@miamihair.com

Please address your written correspondence to: Miami Hair Institute 3850 Bird Road, Suite 102 Coral Gables, FL 33146

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