Hair Loss and Your Career: When to Get Help

5 Characteristics of Natural Looking Hairline

Most people know how to look past appearances and get to know the person on the inside. But when it comes to a job interview, you only have a constrained window of time to impress your potential employer. Your appearance says a lot about how you portray yourself to the world. A suit may be viewed as a sign of respect, but a full head of hair exudes health, wellness and self-confidence.

While you’re not likely to get denied from a job prospect due to your balding, your own self-image becomes your worst enemy. Hair loss can create a feeling of self-consciousness while sparking over-analyzation. Unfortunately, these self-esteem issues have a tendency to spark up in other aspects of your life. Thinking about your hair loss during a job interview takes your mind off of what is most important: your qualities, fortitude and extensive background. How can a smart, capable applicant think clearly when hair loss is producing continuous negative self-thinking? No matter how qualified and ready, you never know when these overwhelming thoughts are going to sneak into your brain and divert your attention.

Taking Control of Your Career

As long as your self-esteem is diminished because of your hair loss, your career may suffer. Instead, consider the following proactive steps you can take to reverse loss and begin a new path toward total wellbeing:

  • Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT): Capillus laser caps are a non-invasive approach to combatting hair loss. Miami Hair is proud to be an authorized Capillus physician center, and can guide you through how LLLT works and what you can expect. Depending on the severity of your hair loss, patients can undergo LLLT as a standalone treatment or alongside a more comprehensive treatment method, such as hair restoration surgery.
  • Hair Restoration Surgery: With the technology behind hair restoration better than ever, surgical intervention provides definite results. When undergoing hair transplant surgery at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami, patients will first meet with our top-tier physicians to discuss techniques, personal care and costs.

These are just two of the many paths businessmen and women can take to spur a sense of self-worth and conviction in the workplace. To discuss further and inquire about either treatment program, call our Miami clinic directly at 305-925-0222.