No-Shave FUE Leaves No Trace Of a Hair Transplant

Hair transplant surgery took a giant leap forward in 2004 with the development and adoption of the follicular unit extraction (FUE) technique. Shortly thereafter, the introduction of the advanced ARTAS System made hair transplants even more precise and natural-looking and caused minimal scarring that was barely visible. These advancements have made it extremely difficult to tell whether someone has undergone hair transplant surgery.

Now, with the introduction of “no-shave FUE,” it’s even harder to detect that a transplant was performed while still delivering exceptional results.

Camouflage and Concealment

As the name implies, no-shave FUE eliminates the need to shave the head in order to obtain donor hairs.

During an FUE procedure, the surgeon precisely removes selected follicular units from the donor area in a scattered pattern using an image-guided 0.8-1-millimeter circular tool. 

Until quite recently, however, extracting donor hairs in FUE procedures required shaving the donor area to approximately 1/25th of an inch so the surgeon could identify and remove the follicular units they would be targeting for transplantation.

With no-shave FUE, the surgeon now only needs to trim the donor follicle hairs that they plan to transplant. The trimmed donor follicles therefore blend in amidst the neighboring full-length hair, leaving behind a donor area that looks completely normal after surgery.  

Additionally, the non-shaved natural hairs in the recipient area help hide the transplanted follicular units. As the newly transplanted grafts grow, they blend in seamlessly with the surrounding hairs, thickening the area and providing more density to the scalp.

While no-shave FUE quickly and effectively camouflages the fact that a patient had hair transplant surgery, the procedure itself may take more time. That is because it is more labor-intensive and technically challenging. That is why it is even more critical that your hair transplant surgeon has the skill, precision, and experience to ensure that you obtain optimal results from your procedure

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