Why Does the Man Bun Cause Hair Loss?

Why Does the Man Bun Cause Hair Loss?The Man Bun is one of the biggest men’s hair trends of 2015. Along with Movember-inspired facial hair, the Man Bun has become a trademark for young, hip men looking to embrace an au natural image. Now, physicians warn that the popular hair style might actually harm men’s hair, causing minor to moderate hair loss after just a few months of wear.

Proponents of the Man Bun are confused. Why would this hair style cause hair loss among the men who wear it so proudly? After all, the Man Bun has turned into a modern symbol of virility and holistic health among some social circles.

Traction Alopecia

The answer is simple: Traction alopecia. This is a specific type of hair loss that is the result of prolonged pressure and tension being placed on the hair or scalp. Traction alopecia is also seen amongst women who wear tight braids or pony tails for long periods of time. Hairpieces and other hair styles that place an unnatural amount of stress on hair and scalp are similarly known to cause traction alopecia.

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