Will Use of Hair Products Cause Hair Loss?

With more than 300 genetic bases for hair loss, what we come into this world with genetically plays an outsized role in the strength, resiliency, and growth of our hair. But genes aren’t the only things at play when it comes to hair loss. The foods we consume, the beverages we drink, and the lifestyles we lead can all impact our follicles and either contribute to or slow down hair loss. It would make sense, then, if what we do to our hair directly – the products we apply and styling techniques we use – also affect our hair health.

Styling Products Are Fine, If You Keep Them From Building Up

Many patients express concern about whether gels, mousse, hairspray or other styling products contribute to hair loss. Fortunately, there is little evidence that common hair products have any negative effect on our follicles if used correctly.

The key is ensuring that you wash your hair regularly to prevent such products from contributing to any long-term buildup of sebum-based plaque. When combined with pollutants, oils, and sweat, this buildup could lead to a condition called scalp folliculitis. Over time, the irritation that is the most noticeable symptom of folliculitis may make it impossible for the hair follicle to support a normal hair growth cycle. This irritation can become so severe that it damages the hair follicle entirely, rendering it incapable of producing any hair at all.

Again, however, it is not styling products themselves which cause any damage to your hair or lead to hair loss, it is the failure to keep those products from building up on the scalp. So long as you wash your hair and don’t overuse gel, pomade, or other substances, you can keep on using whatever styling product makes your hair look like you want it to without worrying that it will lead to hair loss.

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