Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Definition: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a concentrated solution of a patient’s own platelets derived from their blood. PRP contains growth factors and other healing properties that are believed to stimulate hair growth when injected into the scalp.


  • Minimally invasive procedure using a patient’s own blood, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
  • May promote hair growth and thicken existing hair in some individuals with hair loss concerns.
  • Can be combined with other hair restoration treatments like LLLT for potentially better results.


  • Research on PRP for hair loss is ongoing, and results can vary depending on individual factors.
  • Multiple treatment sessions might be needed, and the long-term effectiveness is still being studied.
  • Can be expensive and is typically not covered by insurance.


  • Medications like minoxidil and finasteride for hair loss treatment.
  • LLLT as another non-invasive option.
  • Hair transplant procedures for more permanent hair restoration.

Recovery Time:
PRP injections typically have minimal downtime, with possible mild scalp tenderness at the injection sites.

The effectiveness of PRP for hair loss can vary. Consulting with a qualified dermatologist or hair restoration specialist experienced in PRP therapy is crucial to understand if it’s a suitable option and manage expectations for results.